May 17, 2017


A sand strip surfaced from water, this is the Hotel’s name origin.

Holbox is a pearl in the Reserve of the Biosfere Yum Balam in the Mexican Carribean Sea.

45 km long and 1,5 km wide, the island is made up of white sand and lagoons, connected one to each other and surrounded by lush vegetation and mangroves. Reason why it is the natural habitat of an endemic fauna of birds like pelicans, seagulls, cormorans, pink spoonbills, ibiscus and pink flamingos.

A lagoon separetes the island from the inland, while its white sand beaches are flown through the crystal clear water of the Carribean Sea which in some points meets the Gulf of Mexico, creating amazing shades from light blue and turquoise, to emerald green.

This sea is the habitat of marine species like different Carribean fishes, dolphins, mantas, turtles and from June to September is home of the whale sharks. In this season special tours are offered to swim with these sea giants.

Inhabited only in the small village on the South-Western point, the majority of the island is not populated, so virgin, therefore it is the perfect place to get disconnected from the society and relaxed in full contact with nature.

Once a fishermen’ village, today it maintains streets made of white sands, it does not allow access to cars and the only ways to move around are by golf cart taxies, renting bikes or naturally by foot. Despite this, you will find a clinic, pharmacies and small shops for any need.


The most comfortable way to reach Holbox is with our transportation service. To book it, please contact us or fill out the booking form specifing your request. 

To come to Holbox, you have to go to Chiquilá, a small harbour village, where you can take the ferry to the island. If you are coming with your own car or renting one, you can leave it in the parking in Chiquilá for $ 5.00 USD per day. 

Ferries from Chiquilá to Holbox depart about every 30 minutes, the last one is at 09:30 pm. 

Thanks to its small airport, you can reach the island also by plane from Cancun, Playa del Carmen o Cozumel.